Samantha took Apollo and Pascal to the Keysoe Premier League.  On the friday she rode Pascal in the P.S.G and with such large entry it was split into two classes. Pascal rose to the occasion and produced an amazing test with a score of 72.81%, placing them first, a clear two percent above second and the highest percent of the whole three day show.  This resulted in Samantha and Pascal qualifiying for the nationals.  Saturday : Saw the pair compete their first Inter II at a Premier League once again performing a fantastic test, resulting in a 69.04, just two points behind  the winner. They have also qualified for the nationals at this level.
Saturday evening saw Apollo do his first music class. He rode a foot perfect test, staying relaxed and winning with 71.75, the the second highest score of the Premier league.
Sunday : Pascal and Sam rode the P.S.G and again produced a very good test on a score of 69.16, four points behind the winner, coming second.
Apollo, not wanting to be out done by pascal, won the junior prelim, and the junior individual tests.